SANOOR design studio
Piers 27-31
San Francisco, CA

as Designer @ SMWM - 2006

950,000 sf/-

Status -

Piers 27-31 is a world class recreation and mixed use project located at the center of San Francisco’s historical Northeast Waterfront. The 20 acre project site includes over a mile of new waterfront public access, and two major new waterfront parks. Two historic pier buildings that were built in 1915 will be rehabilitated as Historic Tax Credit projects, and two new office buildings will be built, one of which will serve as the new headquarters for the clients, Shorenstein LLC and Farallon Capital Management.
In addition to the parks and waterfront promenades, the site will be animated by a significant active recreation program, which will include a sports field, indoor sports courts, a floating swimming pool, a water sports marina, and numerous other recreational facilities. Complementing the marine focused recreational activities are several important maritime uses, which include Cruise ship berthing for Port of Call Cruise ships, offices for Maritime agencies, and a water taxi stop.