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UC Berkeley, CA

As Job Captain @ Perkins+Will - 2010

220,000 sf/-

In Progress

Since moving into its current building in 1995, the Haas School of Business has grown significantly. Both programming and student body have expanded, and with additional research groups and instructional programs on the horizon, the School is about to begin a new phase of planning and physical changes. Through a thoughtful and innovative combination of reorganization, renovation and new construction, the Haas School of Business is able to provide facilities that continue to serve and enhance its dynamic programs.

The architects engaged in a five part study that resulted in a preferred option to both form the final Strategic Facilities Plan and guide capital improvements in coming years. Comprehensive improvements will have a vast effect on teaching facilities, the library, student services, faculty offices, and unprogrammed “in between” spaces. In addition, the sense of place and community that is the foundation of the original building design, will be enhanced for all users, be they students, faculty, staff, or distinguished guests. The project is currently in the Schematic Design Phase.